The Boy Who Grew Dragons

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After listening and reading through all 3 of Andy Shepherd's book series The Boy Who Grew Dragons (with the help of Audible), the kids were hooked and eager to start growing dragons of their own. They created a list of equipment and instructions for looking after a dragon as well as creating a shoebox bed for their dragons to sleep in.

Shoebox Dragon Bed

We got creative in writing about how we found our dragon egg, describing what it looked like and then made our very own dragon fruit eggs using papier-mâché. They got sketching their own dragons eye, as well as using clay to bring their designs to life.

Dragon Collage

In science we made a papier-mâché volcano and used baking soda and vinegar to create an eruption. We talked about how the reaction creates CO2 and bubbles over.

Volcano Collage

We ended the week with a treat as two cuddly beanie dragons came to live with us and settled down in their new home ... oven gloves at the ready!

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