Enchanted Wood

english geography

After listening to the Enid Blyton classic “The Enchanted wood”, where a group of children explore the many lands at the top of the far away tree, we set about creating our own adventure story. The children created a fantasy map of their far away lands, including a compass and key to identify the different symbols locations. We then went to Cliffe House where Levi and Laila-mai created a treasure map for each other to follow, that led them to their chocolate coin treasure!


They then explored adjectives to describe the characters in their stories and wrote out a plan that briefly explained the opening scene, the problem the characters faced and the solution.


Levi and Laila-mai drew pictures of their characters, writing down a description of their characteristics. We also used mind maps to write down adjectives that would describe the setting of each story. The children wrote out their story and then used the computer to correct grammar, spellings and punctuation. They also edited their stories on the computer, adding extra details to make sense of the storyline.

The end result was quite impressive for their first attempt and as the country went into the Coronavirus lockdown, the stories were gifted to Grandparents to read and enjoy.

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