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We have spent the last two weeks of Easter learning more about Jesus and the lead up to his resurrection. We used weaving to create colourful palm leaves, made our own bread and took communion together. We also created ornamental crosses using painted clay and jewels. Levi and Laila-mai created their own wooden crosses. They used a saw to cut the pieces and glued and clamped them together to achieve strong joints. They then wrote scriptures and decorated their crosses ready for Easter Sunday.


On Easter Sunday we celebrated with an egg hunt (explaining how the egg represents the empty tomb) and had a family dinner as well as worshipped and thanked the Lord for all his blessings and provision during this uncertain time.


For our second week we decided to get creative using different art mediums. We used acrylic paint, watercolours, chalk and pastels to create numerous pieces of art work which included Indian Rangoli. We also used fabric to sew together a butterfly and a spider to make stuffed toys.

Art Rangoli

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