engineering science

We are currently in the middle of our design and technology project based on bridges. We didn’t quite have the correct adhesive, fit for the job. Our first attempt using Blu Tack failed miserably. However, Levi and Laila-Mai learnt the science behind the truss bridge design. They drew out the truss bridge's triangular structure and used spaghetti to construct it. The glue we used was insufficient for the job. We then moved onto lollipop sticks using Pritt Stick and Blu Tack. This provided slightly more stability but of course when testing under the weight of an ornament, the bridge failed the test.

Dad took over the project using wood glue and clamps! With patience and extra binding power the new bridges were much more sturdy in their construction.

Our next step in the project will be to construct a hydraulic bridge using the same method! Watch this space...


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